Who we are

Time4Us family support service has been in existence in Galway city since 2007. It provides a safe, neutral and comfortable place for children to meet with their non-resident parents or family. Time4Us is a voluntary organisation that is independent of the Courts.

What we do

Time4Us provides Supported Contact Access

  • Supported Contact is where the non- resident parent and their children can meet in a safe and friendly environment with the support of suitably qualified childcare staff.
  • Time 4 Us should be viewed as a temporary facility to help establish contact. Families are encouraged to use the time to build up trust in each other’s abilities and commitment to their children, so they can move on from the centre to making their own arrangements.

Time4Us provides a Handover service

  • Handovers take place at the centre and are suitable for families where there is no threat of harm to the child but there is a conflictual relationship between the parents that makes it difficult for them to meet each other. The non-resident parent takes the child away for an agreed period of time, in some cases for overnight, returning the child again to the resident parent in Time4Us.

In the case of a no contact access, it is recommended that the non-resident parent arrives 10 minutes prior to the agreed access time and remains on 10 minutes after the visit.

How we do it

Staff are available for assistance, but there is no close observation, or recording by camera. Time4Us records dates and times of attendance/non- attendance, only this information will be provided to a party’s solicitor upon request.

Who we serve

Time4Us makes it possible for contact arrangements to take place with a minimum of stress both for children and their parents. It can also support parents who cannot agree contact arrangements themselves.

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ARD FRC, Camasu Centre, Doughiska, Galway


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ARD FRC, Camasu Centre, Doughiska, Galway

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