Who we are

Croí na Gaillimhe (CNG) is one of six Resource Centres run by the Society in Ireland. The Resource Centres provide a safe, welcoming place for people to learn and grow, to develop new skills, to meet others and make new friends and to have a positive impact in people’s lives (What We Do – www.svp.ie).

The Centre opened it’s doors to service users in autumn 2009.  Since then, the Resource Centre has established a strong track record in the delivery of family supports and community development initiatives. The centre works with a range of target groups across the life span: children, young people, parents,  women, men, older people, people with disabilities and mental health issues, non Irish Nationals, Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Croí na Gaillimhe is driven by a small team of skilled and dedicated staff and volunteers. We offer social, educational and developmental support for people who find themselves isolated or socially or economically excluded.

For more information on who we are/about us see our website www.croinagaillimhe.ie or check Croi na Gaillimhe facebook pages.

What we do

Croí na Gaillimhe (The Heart of Galway) is actively involved in the provision of a range of services to isolated people in Galway City and County. We work with people affected by poverty, isolation and social exclusion. Since its inception Croí na Gaillimhe fills a gap in existing provision for people experiencing social isolation and complements and works with existing services in Galway.


To reduce social isolation by offering a welcoming social and learning experience (environment) to the people of Galway.  We envisage strong communities in which all citizens, throughout their lifecycle, will make an active contribution to society and are able to access the services that they need when they need them


Croí na Gaillimhe is an intercultural and intergenerational resource centre, responding to the changing needs of people who find themselves experiencing social isolation.  In conjunction with the SVP members, we are involved in a range of activities characterised by support and friendship, promoting self-sufficiency and working for social justice.

Aims and Objectives

CNG aims and objectives are based on considerable consultation, input from service users, management and informed by successive evaluations

CNG runs a range of programmes seeking especially to effect strategic interventions in the lives of vulnerable groups:

  • children at risk of early school-leaving and poverty with a view to supporting education attainment
  • adults lacking in self-confidence, life-skills and vocational skills with a view to offering pre-development courses as a first step into further training and development
  • asylum seekers and migrants with a view to providing advocacy, practical supports and fostering integration
  • isolated elderly people with a view to offering social contact and other practical supports

Other features of CNG include

  • supporting and resourcing a pool of some 80 volunteers
  • networking with a range of relevant agencies across the city and county, including St Vincent de Paul
  • maintaining a community development ethos including the building of the capacity of participants to take leadership roles

How we do it

The centre has a special focus on the needs of children and families in Direct Provision and is known for its work in this area.   The centre  has  devised a family support programmed aimed at supporting families that are leaving the Direct Provision system having achieved their refugee status. Currently there are 70 children living in Direct Provision.

Migrant Support Programme – The migrant support programme is addressing the needs of asylum seekers in many different area’s:-

Homework Club-CNG works with an average of 25 children in the Eglinton a  Direct Provision Hostel in Salthhill since 2014 providing a homework club with two part  time staff and 20 highly skilled volunteers. The establishment of the Homework Club in the Eglinton Direct Provision Hostel has developed a new approach to educational support to those in the asylum process, including building the capacity of children to engage as equals in the mainstream educational process.  In respect to parents it offers a new way of facilitating dialogue with and building capacity of parents to assist in devising new solutions to problems of educational disadvantage for themselves and their children. We are currently working with the parents to develop their skills in assisting their children with the homework, so that they can continue to do so when they get their status. The Eglinton Homework Club has signposted possible solutions in relation to educational disadvantage amongst children in the asylum process to ensure equality of opportunity for this community. The club caters for children from high infants in primary school and teenagers in  secondary school. We provide afterschool activities and a book club.  The Homework club is open from Monday to Thursday  from  3.00-6.00pm.

Activities for Children-CNG organises extracurricular activities for 70 (preschool, primary and secondary school) children in Direct Provision who would have no access to these activities.  e.g. swimming, ruby tots, soccer, dancing etc.

We also have “aged out minors” as well as young adults from Great Western Hostel in Eyre Square  and the Eglinton Direct Provision  involved in our English conversational classes, NALA Blended Learning and other programmes and classes in the centre.

Men: We encourage men from all walks of lives to join our Men’s Group.

Fáilte Isteacht :  Conversational English language are provided in the CNG  which enables migrants with little or/no English, experiencing isolation to  participate to strengthen their social network, improve language skills and integrate in to their local community. This programme seeks to support the Integration of migrants into Irish Society through the provision of conversational English Language Classes.  The Programme began in September 2012 and has operated from October to December and January to May since then.

 Integration Programmes for all in the community: Singing Group and Basketball.

Youth and Older people from the community

Intergenerational Programme – Young Hearts -CNG has provided since 2010 an Intergenerational Programme for an average of  16 teenagers and 12 older people.  The programme involves schools, teenagers and older adults working together in a community learning environment. The programme takes into consideration and responds to the needs of younger and older adults in our society through a specifically designed curriculum that provides a platform for equal expression from both groups The teenagers come from a Galway Community College a DEIS School based in Wellpark/Moneenageisha. Some of the outcomes are achieved in many different ways including:  production of a books, presentation and development of many drama pieces, art exhibition, enterprise projects – making crafts and selling at CNG’s Craft Fairs,

Parents Group: We deliver a range of classes and programmes to meet the needs of young parents e.g sewing, mending and alteration workshops, nurturing, positive behaviour in children, Christmas crafts, first aid for children, putting more money in your pocket – budgeting courses etc.

Lunch and Social Club for Older People:  CNG provides this service twice a week. We also provide classes such as creative writing, art, siel bleu (exercise programme), dancing, computer training to meet the needs of older people in the community.

Volunteers: We provide volunteer opportunities for people  to share their skills. Sharing skills is enthusiastically encouraged. Very often people who have benefited from visiting the resource centre go on to become a tutor or volunteer themselves. Everyone has something to offer and can help others to develop new life and work skills or engage in hobbies and interests that give their lives more meaning.

Who we serve

CNG promotes positive change in favour of those who would benefit most, it promotes inclusion and equality and we work  on the basis of the principles of community development ensuring collectively, community empowerment, social justice and sustainable development; human rights, equality and anti-discrimination; We work with people experiencing a high level of unemployment and poverty. We work with people who lack, choice, power and resources and with groups and individuals who experience social exclusion because of unequal treatment and denial of rights e.g. asylum seekers, refugees, travellers,  people with disabilities or because of their circumstances such as:

  • Teenagers and Children who come from DEIS Schools (Galway Community College) and Direct Provisions Hostels (Eglinton Salthill).
  • People who parent alone without sufficient resources
  • Unemployed people or those who are excluded from the labour market
  • Women who lack opportunities for their own growth and development
  • Disadvantaged young people
  • Homeless people – particularly men
  • Elderly people who live in isolated circumstances

Event Name: Venue: Aimed at: Date/Time: Description:
Homework Club Eglinton Direct
Provision Hostel
School age Primary and Secondary School Children living in the Direct Provision Hostel Monday – Thursday
3.00 – 6.00pm
Homework Club
Depends on the activity
Swimming – Leisureland
Children living or just left direct provision (Asylum Seekers) Varies Swimming
Rugby tots
Soccor etc..
Programme – Young Hearts
Croí na Gaillimhe
1 Mill Street,
Teenagers and Older People Tuesdays
8th January – 22nd May 2018
and September – December
10.30 -12.30pm
Intergenerational Programme –
Art and Astronomy Project – Semester 2
Adult Training
Croí na Gaillimhe Parents of children Varies – timetable
on facebook and website or available by emailing info@croinagaillimhe.ie
NALA Blended
Creative Writing
First Aid for
Parents etc
Failte Isteach
(Conversational English)
Croí na Gaillimhe Adults learning English and for integration Thursday’s
Conversational English
Singing Group
Croí na Gaillimhe Adults 6.30-7.30 Thursdays
from September – June
Singing songs of peace and in different languages
Basketball Organised by CNG
and taking place in the Westside Gym
Women Asylum
Seekers, unemployed, mothers
September – June
Basketball to get people involved in sport
Yoga Croí na Gaillimhe General public Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday’s Yoga – Beginners
and Advance
Mindfulness Croí na Gaillimhe General Public Wednesdays Mindfulness

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